" ...enchanting, warm, loving, hilarious and broken."  

Tessa is a force to be reckoned with! Her shows will leave you feeling powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. 

Tessa Devine is an Indie, Pop and Soul Looper, Music Maker and Multi-instrumentalist who has captured the hearts of people all over the world with her incredible voice and mesmerising performances. 

Making waves in the music industry and breaking boundaries with her unconventional show, Tessa's cheeky humour is all part of the experience. Recently performing at Sydney World Pride, she is a big advocate for LGBTQI+ rights and empowerment. 

Self-expression is key for Tessa, and her music is just the beginning. She has sold out many of her own shows and has recently started her new band. 

Comparisons to Florence and The Machine, Matt Corby, and Damien Rice are inevitable - her shows have an edge like no other! 

Two EP’s and her debut album, along with a chain of emotionally charged singles under her belt. She is now back on home soil with a cache of unreleased music that will take your breath away. Funny, quirky, sassy, and deeply emotional, you will want to immerse yourself in the Tessa Devine experience! 

Since her return, she has supported artists such as Tones and I (Aus), John Butler (Aus), Smash Mouth (USA), Vika And Linda (AUS), Diesel (AUS), Wallis Bird (IRE), Daniel Champagne (AUS) and Ash Grunwald (AUS). 

Tessa is breaking boundaries with her powerful presence and unique sound. 

“ She has such a voice – her range from deep, love-drenched lows to summery, thrilling highs and every bit in between was so captivating, at one stage I think I forgot there were others present and briefly let myself fall in love.” Riot Act Music Review. 

“ Tessa's set was immediately mesmerising and unexpected. Looped guitar knitted with sublime soprano harmonies, Tessa's range is impressive, and the intricacy of her songs magical. It is rare to hear such a perfectly balanced soprano with such guitar skills, and we were lucky enough to take in this flawless performance. Keep an eye on this one - she's something else! ” Newtown Art Blog Spot